PRM STUDIO has a wide range of equipment available to accommodate the needs of small-scale film and video productions.

From grip hardware to locations equipment, we’ll be happy to help you meet the demands of your project.

If you want to capture a live event, PRM STUDIO can help. We can broadcast live to any streaming service or onto a screen and provide you with a hard-disk recording as well. We can work alongside other companies you may already use or provide an all-in-one service.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

PRM STUDIO can help you with your video production needs, whether you’re looking to produce employee training videos, a social media ad or record an interview. We can:

• Develop your idea into something that will work on screen;
• Provide you with a realistic budget and schedule; and
• Shoot and edit your video.

Depending on your project, we may be able to do a “live edit”, cutting as we shoot, saving you
time and money.